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We at Fiblon along with our visiting specialists would like to share all kinds of the up-to-date information from our sector. Trends, ideas, enthusiasm and testing are an integral part of Fiblon. We’ll give you a glimpse of our day-to-day activities, bursting with ideas and the joy of work. Often it is the little things that solve the big issues, both in table settings and well-being at work.

One strong aspect of our blog is responsible operation and how it is reflected in our everyday working life and that of our customers.

We hope you will enjoy our company and get both inspiration and useful tips. We’d be glad to read all kinds of feedback!

Thought leadership driven by values

Our values ​​are at the core of everything we do at Fiblon: profitable growth, satisfied customers, joy of working and respecting he environment. Our Corporate Responsibility Report 2017-2018 looks at...

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Failure is in fashion

Nowadays, failures are inevitable, and even fashionable. Companies are becoming increasingly interested in the culture of trial and error. First it was all about service design, then agile testing. Lo...

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