A family company with a personal touch

Fiblon is a family business founded in Pori in 1979. It is currently run by the family’s second generation. At first, there was a man and his tools – now there is an automated high-tech production line. As a family business, we are used to keeping our company agile and always moving forward. Our agility allows us to try out all sorts of ideas and options so that our customers can succeed better than ever. All of our operations are centred around the customer’s needs. Everything we do must serve our customers. Our personnel is the key to everything we do. Click on this link to find out more about our experts.

For the first thirty years, Fiblon mostly focused on contract manufacturing. Over the years, our production processes and logistics have, little by little, approached perfection. In the past few years, we have moved more towards developing table setting and wiping solutions to support the businesses of our hotel and restaurant industry customers. Our own product lines, FIBRA and SOFTLIN, have started taking over the market step by step. FIBRA for professional kitchens was launched in March 2010. In early 2015 we launched a completely new table setting concept, SOFTLIN.

Even more important than our smart and functional products are the extensive experience, environmental responsibility and high-quality service that come with them. Which options would most benefit YOUR business? Contact us and we will find the right solutions for you.

At Fiblon we want to do business that we can be proud of. That’s why being responsible is a matter of honour for us. We offer solutions to our customers that distinguish them from their competition. At the same time, we make sure that the chosen solutions provide the correct functionality. It ensures that people only use the necessary amount of material and that unnecessary waste will be minimized. We are heading towards a more sustainable world one napkin at a time!

Fiblon is an industrial company with a personal touch, comprehensive services and fresh new ideas

Fiblon values

– Profitable growth
– Satisfied customers
– Joy of working
– Respecting the environment


Fiblon is on its way to the “Champions League” as a forerunner by genuinely caring, transparently communicating and continuously developing. The customer is served with both products and services, that fulfil customers need.


Fiblon helps professional customers to profile their operations and increase their operation profit by manufacturing table top products, wiping products and travel comfort items combined with services. Profiling consolidates the customer’s own way of operation.

Business idea

Fiblon’s approach is unique in that it focuses on the customer’s business and the continuous development of new, innovative product and service solutions.

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