Working at Fiblon

Joy of working

One characteristic of our operations is the spirit of collaboration. We want to create and sustain a motivating working environment, so that every employee can be proud of working at Fiblon. We offer equal opportunities to women and men regardless of age, background or position.

Excellent possibilities to develop

We fulfill our social responsibility by e.g. giving our employees challenging assignments in an international environment, supporting the continuous professional development of our employees, taking care of our employees’ well-being with our extensive occupational health care system.

Healthy working environment

We are designated in creating good and safe workplace conditions and practices. We support the balance between work and personal life by offering flexible working time arrangements when needed.


Jani, who has worked at Fiblon since the year 2000, is very familiar with Fiblon’s transformation from a traditional industrial company into a modern high-tech business. His job description as a machine operator has changed as the technologies have developed – thanks to automation, the work is less physically demanding, but requires constant learning.

Problem solving skills become valuable as the product range grows and becomes more and more tailored to each customer’s needs. The machines must be used in new ways to fulfil the customers’ wishes.

What motivates Jani in his work? Co-workers and feelings of accomplishment. The workplace community makes every workday fun, and successes give him the feeling that he can affect the company’s success through his own work.

Jani especially appreciates Fiblon’s investments in employee satisfaction. ”Here at Fiblon you are allowed to tell your supervisors your wishes, and they will listen. Every morning I am happy to go to work,” Jani says.


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