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Sampo Lappalainen

Sales Director

telephone: 020 123 6611

Kimmo Intala

Sales Manager

telephone: 020 123 6612

Satu Lyytinen

Sales Manager

telephone: 020 123 6614

Vesa Viirros

Sales Manager

Vesa is a true sales professional, with extensive experience especially in central trading companies. He has been taking care of customers’ hopes and requirements for many years and will continue to do so in the future.

telephone: 020 123 6613

Tuulia Ekberg

Customer Care Manager

Tuulia is responsible for customer service: orders, deliveries and product development. She is a real expert concerning the whole our product range as well.

telephone: 020 123 6603


Anne Ekberg

Vice President, Brand & Communication

Anne is responsible for brand strategy as well as communication and marketing. Sustanability issues are close to her heart.

telephone: 020 123 6662


Mikko Ekberg

Vice President, Supply Chain

Mikko’s role is to make Fiblon’s supply chain process more and more efficient. His responsibilities include purchasing, production planning and ICT systems. Naturally we could extend this list with the words quality and environment, since they are essential for both the supply chain process and the whole company.

telephone: 020 123 6663

Leone Ekberg

Purchaser Manager

Even within the company, Leone is a true all-rounder, whose responsibilities have, in the course of time, included nearly everything from salaries to production management, bookkeeping, and warehouse management. As a systematic person capable of seeing the big picture, Leone is currently handling all material purchases.

telephone: 020 123 6633

Jouko Pasori

Eletronic Maintenance

Jouko’s career at Fiblon could be summed up in these words: ”from warehouse worker to the head of our electrical team”. Jouko has worked here for nearly two decades. Thus, he has played a strong part in developing Fiblon into Europe’s leading napkin manufacturer representing state-of-the-art competence and technology. His responsibilities include the maintenance and development of electronic systems as well as property maintenance.

telephone: 020 123 6632

Jari Vuori

Mechanical Maintenance

Jari has the major responsibility for Fiblon’s mechanical maintenance and work safety. During his long career, Jari has continuously developed his expertise, while our technology has evolved from manually operated machinery to highly automated total systems.

telephone: 020 123 66131


Pekka Ekberg


Pekka is a determined visionary steering Fiblon with new development opportunities always in mind. He leads the company with both head and heart, which is reflected in all Fiblon’s operations.

telephone: 020 123 6661

Maiju Kärki

Administrative Manager

Our financial wizard, Maiju, knows all aspects of financial administration. Our continuously evolving operations require fast and flexible reporting. Maiju makes sure that the necessary information is quickly available and always up to date. Maiju is responsible for HR as well.

telephonoe: 020 123 6664

Jon Ekberg

System Specialist

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