Achieve hygienic presentation with the Softlin sneeze guard

According to a recent report produced by the Helsinki Environmental Centre, incorrect serving temperatures and lack of sneeze guards are typical issues in hotels, restaurants and cafés in Helsinki.
62 per cent of the places where food was served had no sneeze guards of any kind. “There are no national guidelines regarding sneeze guards and practices vary widely. I doubt that anyone enjoys hair in their food or people coughing on it, so there is certainly room for improvement”, says Riikka Åberg, the food safety manager of the City of Helsinki.
The Softlin Café and Softlin Restaurant product families include an extensive selection of basket napkins specially designed for this purpose. The Softlin Café and Softlin Restaurant products are safe and hygienic to use. Even professionals may forget that all sneeze guards must be suitable for use in contact with food. The Softlin Basket napkin functions as a proper sneeze guard and can also be used to protect the display cabinets and bread baskets from grease and sugar.


More information: Softlin Classic Basket napkin

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