SOFTLIN napkin collection is wide and contains different sizes and materials. You can notice a size, folding, plies and material quality in the product name.

SOFTLIN Basic material is tissue paper. In a product name you can notice how many plies it has, for example 2-ply means that tissue paper has two plies together. SOFTLIN Basic napkins are biodegradable and also compostable according to the relevant EU standard. All the Softlin Basic table top products manufactured by Fiblon will be FSC® certified in the future. At the moment there is period of transition.

SOFTLIN Classic material is airlaid nonwoven. Classic material is soft and absorbent. Classic material is fabric-like airlaid material. The organic and soft-feeling material is comfortable to set and use. No water is used in the manufacturing of the raw material. After use, the napkins are recycled as bio waste or energy waste.

Both SOFTLIN Basic and SOFTLIN Classic napkins have the food safe symbol (a wineglass and a fork). It means that the product has been tested and is safe to use in contact with food when the product is used as intended. Our napkins are even safe to use in short-term direct contact with food.

Read more about product safety and quality.

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