Disposable headrest covers are a vital part of cabin safety and hygiene

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Hygiene is the one of the biggest advantages of disposable headrest covers. According to a study made in the US, harmful bacteria can linger on the surfaces of an airplane cabin for a long time, even up to a week. In this way they can transfer diseases to passengers from all over the world who board the plane. If things go badly, a strain of bacteria can be spread quickly to new areas.

The bacteria-covered surfaces of plane cabins have been studied by bacteriologist Kiril Vaglenov from Auburn University, Alabama, USA. “Many people are afraid that they will catch a disease from other passengers”, says Vaglenov. Although there isn’t a lot of room inside the air cabin, Vaglenov believes it is worth paying more attention to what comes into contact with your bare skin.


Softlin headrest cover improves hygiene and travel comfort

Softlin headrest covers are anti-static, breathable and soft, with excellent opacity. Softlin headrest covers are easy to attach and extremely hygienic. The profiled covers are an excellent marketing tool and also support the customer’s own brand and visual identity.

The Softlin headrest cover is ideal for planes, trains, long-distance buses and ships. Disposable covers improve hygiene and make travelling more comfortable.

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Read American Society for Microbiology release.

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