Excellent cleanliness

Disposable fibre-based general cleaning wipes for short-term use are a hygienic and simple way to clean in the kitchen.

The goal of cleaning is to guarantee clean surfaces. Cleanliness is imperative and tidiness makes the space more inviting. Different situations require different cleaning methods, equipment and detergents. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a good level of cleanliness and order.

When working in spaces where good hygiene is especially important, the importance of having the correct tools increases. Microfibre cloths are durable, but require special attention to hygiene practices. “Do not transfer microbes from one surface to the next. Make sure that the cloths are washed often enough and absolutely do not wash them using the same washing machine that textiles are washed in”, advises Fiblon’s vice president, Anne Ekberg.
Disposable, fibre-based general cleaning wipes are an easy and hygienic way to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. It is important that the size of the wipes matches their use. Excessively large wipes should be avoided because too many people feel it is wasteful to throw them away after one use. You still sometimes see used wipes drying on a restaurant’s sink.
In a kitchen, time and space are often limited. When selecting cleaning wipes, it’s worth making sure that the package is hygienic and that it’s easy to take a sheet with just one hand. This ensures that the product will be used even in a tight situation. It is also important that the individual sheets remain tidy and hygienic while waiting for use.
In situations where space is limited, it’s recommendable to, e.g., hang wipe packages on a wall to save space on the countertops. This allows the remaining wipes in the box to stay clean. Individually folded wipes are easy to grab when you need them. Remember to also make sure that each wipe is hygienic so you won’t have to create unnecessary waste by throwing away unhygienic contaminated sheets.
Every customer wants to be cost effective. When it comes to wiping, the most important issue is the total cost – not the price of a single product. Is the sheet size suitable for the purpose? Has unnecessary wasting of sheets been successfully avoided? Is the usage optimal in relation to the level of cleanliness? How are the wipes disposed of after use? These are important questions for anyone using the products and those in charge of purchasing them.
If waste is being recycled and sorted, compostable wipes may be what you need. “Because these are disposable products, many customers feel this is an important aspect”, says Anne Ekberg. Correctly sized, practically packed, impeccably hygienic wipes are what our customers look for. There are also wipes that meet the criteria for the Finnish Key Flag symbol. Choosing a Finnish product is a sustainable choice.


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