Fiblon is a responsible recycling specialist

Responsibility is at the heart of Fiblon, a family business from Pori. In addition to their daily operations, this is also reflected in open reporting on KPIs, production methods and company culture. Their newest corporate responsibility report tells the story of the company’s values and operations and aims to encourage other companies to operate ethically. A new corporate responsibility report is produced every two years, and this is the fourth time.

– We make products that have a very short useful life. This means it is extremely important that we make those products in a way that respects nature and uses resources sparingly, says Anne Ekberg, the vice president of table setting and wiping product manufacturer Fiblon.

When the goal is to only create high-quality products that are perfect for their intended use, it is easy to optimise raw material use and avoid producing waste. It is easy to justify calling Fiblon a recycling specialist, because a significant portion of the company’s products are re-used. Only materials from known sources are used.

– We have committed to operating responsibly and guiding our customers towards more ecological product choices. When the environment is respected and products are chosen correctly for each purpose, it can be said that the Earth’s resources are being used responsibly. On a global scale, we are a small company – but when it comes to responsibility, we are forerunners.


One big family

Responsibility covers more than just processes and raw material choices. To a family business, its employees are the company’s most valuable resource, so good care is taken of them. In order to reflect the joy of working even outside the factory, Fiblon invests in personnel wellbeing, workplace ergonomics as well as training and career development.

– We aim to improve our operations in accordance with the values shared by our entire workplace community and the goals we have set together. We also participate in the Great Place to Work competition and our goal is to be the best workplace in Satakunta region by 2020, Ekberg adds.


Fiblon Corporate Responsibility Report 2015-2016 will be published also in English during this autumn 2017.


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