Fibra Basic, an excellent option for outdoor terraces!

The FIBRA wipes are an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning, e.g., restaurants’ terraces. Keeping outdoor spaces clean and tidy is challenging and requires particular attention. FIBRA is the professional’s choice.

Fibra Basic – tips for keeping terrace furniture clean

Start by dampening the required amount of Fibra wipes. You can use one wipe to clean 6 to 8 tables, depending on how dirty they are. Indoors you can use the BIO FIBRA wipes, but for outdoor terraces we recommend the more durable FIBRA BASIC wipes because the table surfaces are often somewhat rough.

Do it like this:
1. Put around 10 disposable FIBRA wipes in a bucket. Pour roughly 1.5 dl of water on the wipes. Do not wet the wipes too much!
2. Let the wipes dampen for a while.
3. Fold the wipe twice; this will give you eight wiping surfaces.
4. Clean the surfaces (remember to also wipe the edges of the tables and chairs).
5. Switch to a clean wiping surface whenever the surface of the wipe becomes dirty.
6. If you need more moisture, use a spray bottle to add water or diluted detergent.
7. Place used BIO FIBRA wipes (green box) in the organic waste bin and FIBRA BASIC wipes (orange box) in the energy waste bin.

The wipes are disposable – do not reuse them!

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