Finishing touches to fun

In entertainment business, restaurant experiences are taken seriously. In PowerPark, though, this seriousness means using personalized quality napkins as finishing touches to customer experience.

People come to enjoy themselves in amusement park PowerPark. They will get hungry sooner or later during a day of excitement. Luckily, the park’s restaurant world offers over ten locations where you can satisfy your hunger. A soft but sturdy napkin is placed in the hands and on the lips of hundreds or even occasionally thousands of lunch diners.

– We definitely wanted a personalized dinner napkin here at PowerPark. We use two different sizes. For our hotel restaurant’s table setting, a larger napkin is used, whereas a smaller napkin that is easily carried is used in events and at Boulevard Bistro, says Pasi Isoniemi, Food Services Manager of Huvivaltio PowerPark.

The amusement park of PowerPark is grand in size, and the desired characteristics of napkins vary between restaurants based on their size and character.

– Naturally the most important thing is that it is pleasant to use for wiping the corners of the mouth, and that its absorbency matches the napkin’s purpose of use.

A strong support for company image

Isoniemi sees that restaurant customers are more and more interested in environment and sustainability. PowerPark aims to answer to this call by making responsible choices.

– The consumption is optimal when using Fiblon’s napkins. When the product has a good absorbency, one napkin is enough. So the amount of waste is also reduced, he says.

Isoniemi considers logo-printed dinner napkins one of the most useful marketing tools for restaurant world. “Even though we are a special and memorable place as is”, a personalized napkin leaves a mark in customer’s memory about PowerPark. A recognisable napkin with high quality reinforces the customer’s pleasurable dining or coffee drinking experience.

– Not only does a well-chosen napkin raise the level of customer experience, but it also improves brand image, Isoniemi says.

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