Hottest restaurant napkin trends for 2018

Black and white

A strong black and white look is always in. You can create a dramatic table setting easily by using black and white either side by side in the napkins, or creating a contrast with the table cloth. It’s always a stylistic choice.

Natural colours concrete, sand, and jade

The trendiest of natural colours are concrete, sand, and jade as a newcomer. These colours show both rough and softer side of nature. By combining the two you make a wonderful impression.

Accent colours

You can spice things up a bit in your regular table setting with an accent colour. Use strong contrasts. Complementary colours are always a great choice. The use of multiple accent colours requires a good eye for colours, though, so sometimes less is more.

Combination of two napkins

Set the table with two napkins. The colour combination alternatives are nearly endless. White as one of the colours conveys grandness. Blue and green, yellow and red, and black and white are combinations that always work. For a softer look, combine two shades of the same colour.

Brand must come first

In the midst of all that splendour of colour, it is important to keep your own brand in mind. Table setting should stay true to the company’s own identity. The impression made on the customer should always reflect you. Small detours from your everyday style can easily be explored during campaigns.

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