How Fibra become Fibra?

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How did Fibra become Fibra?

Could you develop fibre wipes that meet the needs of the 2010s? This was the request that we received from a customer in 2009.

We started off by identifying the challenges faced by our customers. The roll-shaped package was definitely one of them. The rolls ended up rolling off tables and into sinks. Unprotected rolls would sometimes get wet and dirty before use. The package should, therefore, be updated.

Users felt that the sheet size was too large and they were reluctant to throw away the wipe even if it was already becoming necessary for hygiene reasons. Some users also cut the wipes in half before use. The sheet size should thus be updated as well.

Thirdly, the users felt that it was difficult to rip a sheet off the roll. It required two hands, which meant that work always had to be interrupted even in busy professional kitchens. The new sheet would need to be easy to grab with one hand.

The fourth challenge was that it was difficult to locate the white rolls. At worst, there could be several rolls in use at a time because people forgot where they put the last one. The new packaging would need to be more visible.

These were the expectations we had for our new professional wiping product. We chose professional kitchens as a specific target environment for these products.

We appointed the task to our own inventor, aka CEO Pekka Ekberg – a man who does not shy away from challenges! His open-minded yet engineer-like development approach provided us with the first pilot version. Amazingly, this first version immediately solved three out of the four challenges. The sheet size was smaller, it was easy to grab with one hand and the package was not inclined to roll away.

Next, we sent the products to our customers for testing. Suffice it to say they were pleased! We did receive some useful feedback, though. Next, the product needed a name so it would be easier to order. We started brainstorming, and came up with FIBRA – the beginning refers to FIBLON as the manufacturer and the full name means “fiber” in Spanish. What could be a more appropriate name for a fiber wipe? Thus, the first FIBRA cleaning wipes were born.

Soon it turned out there was demand for a biodegradable wipe, and BIOFIBRA – a fully biodegradable cleaning wipe – was born. The packaging was redesigned using vibrant colours so the products would be easy to distinguish from one another. That solved the last one of the four original challenges.

The fresh and handy FIBRA product line was ready to meet the customers, the professionals of cleaning.


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