Imagine making your customer happy every time!

A great culinary experience comes from tasty food, friendly service and a beautiful table setting. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But we argue that a carefully selected napkin brings joy every time.

Colours are now bold and playful. Colours are used to strengthen a brand and to promote a sense of joy and energy. Changing your napkins and tableware is an easy and affordable way to create stylish variations.

You can create a harmonious setting by combining similar tones or create a bold setting using complementary colours. White is a safe and refreshing choice if the table setting is otherwise colourful.

The tones of our new Softlin Jade and Softlin Petrol napkins pair beautifully with blueberry.


Today, customers are looking for softness and different structures in napkin materials. Napkins can now be graceful and organic, which means that their production requires less chemicals.

Napkins are used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap while eating. In addition, napkins also have a great visual impact on the table setting. The napkins should be appropriately sized, absorbent, and be suitable for the colour scheme of the restaurant.

A beautiful presentation increases sales. Product safety must also be taken into account as the napkins must be safe to use in short-term contact with food.

Softlin basket napkins are suitable for baskets as well as other containers. A basket napkin facilitates the handling of fat and sugar-containing foods.

Learn more about Softlin products here.

A beautifully set table is always inviting!

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