Napkin in a luxury box!

Foodlab Softlin Fiblon

A brand is used to burn the concept identity into the customer’s mind and likings as an enforcement. It can most easily and efficiently be done in the restaurant itself during the service process. Permanent interior is not easy to change overnight, but the visual artwork including campaigns on the napkin is.

Fiblon develops brand enforcening methods together with various international restaurant chains and airline companies with the new Fiblon Future Concepts service.

The new Food Lab by HOK Elanto is a true luxury box, where the new innovations and concepts are tested for the future. Fiblon and HOK Elanto designed for the Food Lab a napkin, which has already generated ideas, interest and recognition.

Development Manager Ms Marita Parkkari and Restaurant Manager Ms Anne-Maria Mikkonen refer both to the feedback stating ”the napkin itself has raised positive feedback from the customers and at our Food Lab Facebook-account”. You can actually use your smart phone to log into the Food Lab Facebook account.” Yet another innovative touch it is.

The restaurant customers visiting Food Lab are able to influence with their ideas and likings on the new future restaurant concepts under development. The customer feedback may startle even quick and instant changes in the concepts.

Customer loyalty and brand loyalty are based on the experience in the restaurant during the service process. Developing these future concepts, everything is carefully planned and monitored, but must not be overplanned and boring.

”A holistic harmony in the restaurant interior itself is important. However, if the entire customer experience is lacking brand boosting experiences, the customer may well use the similar competitor services. It is vital for the restaurant concept manager to get individual and unique tools to differentiate from the competition. Lucky me, it is very intriguing and fascinating to be able to provide and plan something different and individual for each concept” says Business Development Director Eerik Korpunen delightedly. Fiblon napkins will definately not be identical at the neighboring competition outlet, everything is unique.

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