Select the ideal napkin

Softlin classic aterinliina 33x39cm Fiblon

In a hurry, napkins are often not considered at all and companies simply use some old napkins they already had. Napkins are, however, an easy way to give your concept a finishing touch and make it unique.

  • Correct napkin size is important. If the napkins are too small, people will use several instead of just one and the costs may quickly exceed the original savings. By selecting the correct product you can minimize unnecessary waste.
  • Pre-folded napkins are practical on terraces where the conditions may vary. Pre-folded napkins save your personnel’s time and the cutlery is easy to place in the folded napkin.
  • Pay attention to presentation and select the ideal package size for your company. Our packages keep the napkins tidy and hygienic. Outdoors, weather can be challenging and the wind may blow away your napkins if they are too thin.
  • Colour matters. Brighten up the space, highlight a theme or give each group of diners their own colour. This summer, bright colours are trendy: strawberry, blueberry, cherry, lime and orange. Champagne is a popular colour all year round and especially well suited for classy summer events.
  • Create a personal style and stand out. You can personalize the napkins in terms of materials, shape or prints.

Anne Ekberg, Vice President, Communication and Marketing, Fiblon Oy

Article published in Aromi magazine, June 2016

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