Smart choices

Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions that are not only functional but also unique. Each business has its own personality and wants to stand out from its competitors, highlighting its advantages. Therefore every business needs an individual solution that supports it operations.

On the product level it’s important that our customers choose the right products. For example, a napkin being too small may actually cause people to use several napkins, which increases costs and the amount of waste. When a product is personalized correctly, it also helps the customer stand out and promotes their brand. The customer gets a visibility and marketing boost. It’s a win-win situation – and good for the environment!

In the restaurant industry, price often tends to take precedence. Total consumption and overall economic efficiency do not get the attention they deserve. It’s common to end up choosing a suboptimal product, which in turn leads to wasting the Earth’s resources.

We want to increase our customers’ awareness of how they can choose the right products. Responsible production and responsibly sourced materials are not enough – choosing the right product for each purpose is the key. Responsible manufacturing cannot make up for choosing the wrong product.

Choosing your products well ensures that the Earth’s resources are used wisely. We can help preserve the planet for future generations.

We participated in the third biodiversity sparring project organized by FIBS ry. Loss of biodiversity is one of the major threats of our time. It is important that businesses understand the impacts their activities have, as well as their dependence on nature. During the project, we mapped our biodiversity services and realized how dependent we really are on biodiversity. We hope that many more companies will see that corporate responsibility involves more than just having an open procurement chain and environmentally friendly production. Read more about best practices.

Our own biodiversity promise is that we want to increase awareness of the importance of choosing table setting and cleaning products with care. Choosing your products well ensures that the Earth’s resources are used wisely.

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