The best products are created in collaboration with our customers


Fiblon’s product manager, Tuulia Ekberg, enjoys receiving feedback and wants to include customers in the product development process. Product-related services are becoming an increasingly important part of her work.

You are Fiblon’s product manager. How is an excellent product created?
Cooperatively, with the customer. The customer may have a problem that we then work together to solve. Accurate observations are the key: how do the customers use the product? I often get great product development ideas when I see a customer use a product in a way that is different from what I would have expected.

Being able to include customers in the product development process is the ideal situation. By testing the product and providing feedback, the customer gives us valuable input that benefits both the end user and our development process.

Fiblon produces personalised napkins. Why is product personalisation important?
Napkins may not be THE most critical product used by a restaurant, but they have immense potential. When a restaurant chain’s visual identity is uniform down to the napkins, the customer and brand experience is flawless.

Personalisation can be more than just a logo on a napkin. Creating different moods through the use of colours is an easy way to liven things up for both your own personnel and the customers. Standing out and being remembered by the customer is now more important for success than ever.

What has been the most important thing you have learned during your career at Fiblon?
My attitude toward customer feedback has changed. Customer feedback is a sensitive area and handling it requires psychological skills and empathy. Nowadays I see feedback as an important opportunity – you always learn the most from the most demanding customers.

How do you think Fiblon’s products will develop in the future?
Product safety is a subject that will become increasingly important in the future. What does the product contain, where do the raw materials come from and how does the product impact the environment?

Another development trend is the shift from production-oriented thinking to customer-oriented thinking. We no longer ask what our production equipment can make – we ask how we can make our customers’ work easier. Our product-related services are continuously expanding.

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