The Fibra box comes with practical hang holes

The Fibra cleaning wipes are packed in an easy-to-use dispenser box with a hang hole system included. This unique mechanism makes it easy to place the boxes, e.g., on a wall so that the countertop stays empty. When placed on the wall, the box is not exposed to wet countertops. This makes it considerably more hygienic and ensures that each wipe will be usable while preventing microbes from growing under the box.
When designing the boxes, we made sure that the wipes are easy to take out one by one and that the boxes are easy to store. The FIBRA cleaning wipes do not require a separate storage box or rack and the hang holes do not require any particular type of hooks. It is likely that a suitable place for the FIBRA box already exists in your kitchen.
The wipes are packed one by one so they are easy to take out of the box. Thanks to the new sheet size and packing method, consumption decreases by up to 31 per cent.

Lataa ripustusmekanismin käyttöohje tästä!

Try it yourself and see how practical this system is! We wanted to pack the FIBRA wipes cleverly!

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