Prefolded napkins from Fiblon complete the American look at Chico’s

Chico's - Fiblon

The well-known Chico’s chain of restaurants updated its look, and created new napkins in co-operation with Fiblon to suit the new appearance. The napkins communicate a modern American spirit and an unpolished New York style.

“We wanted a laid-back American look for the napkins. For adults, the design process created a stylish prefolded napkin with a denim pattern. For children, we made a cowboy themed napkin with images of a boy and a girl on each side”, says Kati Aalto, Product Manager for Fiblon. Napkins are an excellent way of strengthening the company image and sending a specific message to the customers.

“We create individual products for our customers, and deliver the requested amounts. Due to our unique business model, we can track consumption and provide flexible service even when schedules are tight.”

Come and try out Fiblon’s unique service concept!

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