Three new ways to decorate a restaurant space

Picture: Restaurant Bucco was decorated for the May Day lunch using colourful Softlin pom-poms.

Using napkins to decorate is a surprising, responsible and beautiful solution.

Decorative materials are often only used once. Inspired by a suggestion from one of our customers, we began to think of new ways to decorate with napkins that restaurants already have at hand.
“Typically, dedicated products are used for decoration purposes. But do restaurants have time to go pick them up or the necessary planning skills? And what will happen to the decorations after the season or party is over? We decided to boost our napkins’ potential as decorations and encourage people to use them in non-traditional ways”, Anne Ekberg explains.


Beautifully useful throughout the product’s lifecycle

There are many surprising and visually captivating ways to spice up tables and restaurant spaces using Softlin products. The use of colours is one easy way to create the desired atmosphere.

Together with Interior Designer Riia Rauhala, we designed three new, innovative and impressive ways to decorate a restaurant.
Test how napkin succulents, pom-poms and branches can transform your space! The delicious Softlin colour range is perfect for this purpose.


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