Who would want to eat breat that someone else already touched?

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Business Development Director Eerik Korpunen says that in hotel and restaurant buffets the Softlin Basket Napkin and the handy Soft Napkin are already popular options when it comes to presenting bakery products. ”Who would want to eat bread that others have already touched?” At buffets you see a lot of strange arrangements. For example, restaurant customers trying to slice bread, holding it with a grubby-looking paper napkin that is falling apart. Softlin products eliminate this issue and can be recycled as either organic or energy waste after use.”

Even professionals may sometimes forget that all of the napkins or paper products must be suitable for use in contact with food. ”Food safety is compromised if colourfully decorated napkins, which may release harmful colouring chemicals, are used to present the food. Another scary basket napkin option are kitchen cloths, which may have been washed in the owner’s home washing machine”, Korpunen describes.

Softlin will also keep bakery products and other products served in baskets looking fresh because the material is quite resistant to grease. “In breadbaskets and display cabinets, especially greasy products such as donuts and pastries will quickly leave the basket napkins looking untidy. The Softlin Basket napkin functions as a proper sneeze guard and can also be used to protect the display cabinets and bread baskets from grease and sugar.

In addition to the presentation of food, the versatile Soft napkin can be used in e.g. hotel rooms. The Soft napkin can be placed under the glasses in the minibar or to protect the toothbrush mugs in the bathroom – it will stay looking tidy thanks to its excellent quality. Just like a basket napkin, the Soft napkin can be accented with a visual message that fits with the hotel’s or restaurant’s visual identity.


More information about the product: Softnapkin

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