Convey a message and strengthen your brand

Rise above your competition!

Show your company’s unique visual identity. Personalized products tell the story of your brand and highlight its visual image. Personalized products are an excellent marketing medium.

Are personalized products worth?

Yes they are. They improve the visibility of your brand and leave a lasting impression on your customer. They distinguish you from your competitors and get your message across to the customer.

A napkin in a restaurant or a headrest cover on a seat are excellent places for your messages and an efficient way to stand out. The products can be designed to fit in with the brand’s visual identity or to support a campaign.

Make us of our services!

Contact us, we are happy to help you choose a tabletop or comfort item selection that suits your company.

Are personalized products expensive?

When the personalization is performed by professionals, it is not expensive. Sending your message using an item that would be used anyway, is an environmentally responsible choice. And in addition to gaining visibility, you also create savings!

Do I need to order a huge batch to get personalized products?

Not necessarily. We are able to produce smaller quantities, too. Our new logistics solutions help us avoid massive delivery quantities and long storage periods. We are happy to tell you more about them!

How does the personalization process work? Does I need to design printing?

Absolutely not. Working by your side, we will design a unique solution that highlights your brand’s strengths and is only limited by imagination. The designer must know the products thoroughly, and that is why we recommend that you use our professionals. We are the only manufacturer in the Nordic region focusing on products for professional use. We know our products, their strengths and their limitations. In addition to visual design, we can also provide you with practical tips. We are also familiar with all the latest developments and trends. We want to support our customers in all this.

Enjoy our know-how!

What products can be personalized?

All of the products in our product range can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Can the same product be used in multiple ways?

It may well be possible – or then not. We are familiar with the challenges of your industry, and that’s why we have created dedicated selections of products for various industries – the new Softlin products are tailor-made for each industry. The challenges faced by a restaurant are different from those faced by a hotel or a café. That is why we have developed dedicated product lines for each industry.

In spring 2015, we commissioned a customer survey. Our customers said they wished we had an even deeper knowledge of their industries and could provide them with even better support on their road to success. We rose to the challenge.

Check out our customers’ experiences about product personalization.

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