The story of the headrest cover

Our founder Pertti Ekberg’s invention

The method of attaching headrest covers to seats using just one thread is our founder Pertti Ekberg’s invention. Earlier, headrest covers were attached to a seat’s Velcro strip using a strip of felt roughly 1 cm wide. The strip was sewn to the headrest cover. The process was also slow and labour intensive because the felt spool had to be changed constantly. The spool could only hold a couple hundred metres of the felt strip.

In the 1980s, Pertti came up with the idea of replacing the felt strip with a thread, which not only produced a lot less lint but also reduced the need to change spools. One spool could now hold a couple of kilometres of thread instead of the couple hundred metres of felt strip. The thread could also be glued instead of sewn, which was much slower. The advantage from a technical standpoint is considerable.

The headrest covers are still attached using thread, although the production technology has advanced hugely. The properties of the thread itself have also improved significantly over the years.

All in all, this means that using thread to attach headrest covers is a Finnish invention.

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