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Bio Fibra® Classic cleaning wipe

Bio Fibra® Classic is the right choice for professionals who value the environment and a larger size of wipe.  The food-safe Bio Fibra® Classic cleaning wipes are made of 100% viscose and are fully biodegradable. The cleaning wipe is a great product both your kitchen and the environment clean.

We are the only manufacturer to provide Z-fold cleaning wipe dispensers. The Z-fold makes it easy to grab one wipe at a time without other wipes being pulled along too. Grab a wipe and wipe away!

Fibra® is a food-safe cleaning wipe.

Fibra® cleaning wipes are particularly suitable for environments that require a high level of hygiene. The disposable wipe is perfect for professional kitchens and for ensuring an uninterrupted food hygiene chain.

Bio Fibra® Classic is made of FSC Mix-certified material.

After use, the product can be disposed as biowaste.

Fibra® is a brand registered by Fiblon.


Download tips for wiping down table surfaces with Fibra products here.

Download the hanging mechanism instructions here


Why choose Fibra?

  • More hygienic than reusable wipes.
  • Extremely absorbent. Each wipe absorbs 11 times its own weight in liquid.
  • Lint-free fabric provides excellent cleaning results.
  • Pre-cut and folded in an easy-to-use and hygienic dispenser box.
  • The size of the wipe has been optimized so that it is not excessively large for its purpose.
  • The wipe is easy to grab with one hand.
  • The dispenser box features a mechanism for hanging the box on a wall.
  • When placed on the wall, the box is not exposed to wet countertops, preventing microbes from growing under the box.
  • The box stays in place well and does not roll off the counters like roll-shaped packages.
  • The boxes are easy to store.
  • The boxes are light, but strong enough to be stacked on top of each other.
  • Cheerful packaging colours make the box easy to recognize.
  • The box has a top lid which can be removed and used, for example, to write a fun note to a colleague.

Fibra® makes working more fun and efficient. A better mood results in better performance.

Making the world more sustainable, one cleaning wipe at a time!

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  • Materials

    Wipe: viscous
    Case: corrugated board


    Size: 45 x 58 cm
    100 pieces / case
    60 cases / pallet


    Download ordering numbers.

    Thanks to its innovative packaging, the Bio Fibra wipe is easy to use. An excellent product – guarantees a high level of hygiene!


    Opera kitchen, Kanresta » www.kanresta.fi

    Quality & Safety


    After use, the product can be disposed of with organic waste.


    Key Flag

    The product is made in Finland and it has been granted the Key Flag.



    The product's packaging is fully recyclable.


    Food Safe

    The product can be safely used in contact with food.



    The product is certified according to the standards of responsible forest management.


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