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Softlin Classic Towel • personalized

The SOFTLIN Classic Towel napkin is big enough, the size is even 54 x 39 cm.  Towel is already folded and that is why it is really easy to use. Towel is also soft and absorbent.

Your personel can focus on their key business – to serve the customers. No more energy and time to fold the napkins – towels are ready to use.

Finish your table-setting with a beautiful, fabric-like towelnapkin. Attractive napkins are the first eye-catching details of a set table, and personal folding support the theme of the event. The organic and soft-feeling SOFTLIN Classic napkin is comfortable to set and use. The absorbent material keeps the product nice and tidy, even when wet.

SOFTLIN products offer a specially designed product for each occasion. This allows you to optimise the amount of different table-setting products, reduce material waste, and give each event the dignity it deserves.

SOFTLIN napkins are safe to use. The materials we use have been proven fit for purpose. All our napkins have the wineglass and fork food safe symbol. This symbol means that a product is proven safe for contact with foods in the way that is ment to be used. The napkins can be used for short periods of contact even in direct contact with foodstuffs.

SOFTLIN Classic Towel napkins are available only as personalized.

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