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Softlin Headrest cover

Fiblon head rest covers are antistatic, soft and breathable and have excellent opacity. Head rest covers are easy to fasten and top hygiene. Profiled head rest cover is the excellent marketing channel and provides customers own brand and visual look.

Fiblon disposable head rest covers are the best solution to your passenger comfort.

SOFTLIN products relate the unique story of your brand and enhance the visual appearance. They also act as an excellent marketing tool.

SOFTLIN head rest covers are available only personalized.

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  • Materials

    Cover:  airlaid| polypropen or viscous as separately agreed
    Bags: PE-LD 04
    Case: corrugated board


    Size alternatives:
    19×24 cm, 19×25 cm, 23×25 cm, 23×28 cm, 19×30 cm, 20×30 cm, 23×30 cm, 25×30 cm, 30×30 cm, 23×41 cm
    100 pieces / bag


    Are you interested in this product? Contact our customer team for further information.

    We are satisfied with the partnership between us and Fiblon because they understand our needs, listen to our wishes and pay detailed attention to our colour schemes. We have received excellent service from Fiblon in terms of napkin ideas and design services. Thanks to Fiblon's warehouse monitoring system, the logistics work flawlessly.

    Package sizes, delivery quantities and print quality are extremely important to us when purchasing products. The best part, however, has been the smooth co-operation: reliability, friendly service and a professional approach make working with Fiblon easy.



    Development Manager, Servica » www.servica.fi

    Quality & Safety


    After use, the product can be disposed of with organic waste.


    Key Flag

    The product is made in Finland and it has been granted the Key Flag.



    The product's packaging is fully recyclable.


    Food Safe

    The product can be safely used in contact with food.


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