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Softnapkin 24 x 39 cm

Soft napkin – the easy and sophisticated finishing touch

Soft napkin provides you the multipurpose functionality, which you need in all table top and buffet setup. With Soft napkin you can finally display greasy and sugary pastries and bakery items with an uplifting appearance. The outstanding look is fast and easy established. We may even spark up the visual look by printing your company look or a campaign greeting on the Soft napkin.

The practical Soft napkin is made of high-quality, tested material. The organic and soft SOFTLIN Classic material is comfortable to use. The hygienic Soft napkin is highly absorbent, and remains durable and tidy even when wet. After use, the napkins can be recycled as biowaste or energy waste.

The easily opening wrappers, a package size that suits many different scenarios, and the pre-folding of the napkins allow the user to focus on what is most important – a refined appearance. To multiply the benefits, choose a printed Soft napkin. You can print your company logo, greeting, or some other important customer message on the Soft napkin.

The versatile Soft napkin improves hygiene, both when laying the bread at the breakfast table, and at the buffet table. Prefolding makes the napkin easy and quick to use. The Soft napkin remains neat and tidy throughout its use. Selecting the correct product reduces the number of napkins used and waste material. This generates even less waste. The product is ideal for companies that track their water footprint, since the manufacturing of the SOFTLIN Classic material uses 0% water. All these benefits can be seen in both the number of purchases and the load on the environment.

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  • Packing and materials

    Size: 24 x 39 cm
    40 pieces / wrapping
    8 wrappings / case
    Napkin: airlaid
    polypropeeni PP 05
    Case: corrugated cardboard


    White, black and blueberry.

    Order numbers

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    We are satisfied with the partnership between us and Fiblon because they understand our needs, listen to our wishes and pay detailed attention to our colour schemes. We have received excellent service from Fiblon in terms of napkin ideas and design services. Thanks to Fiblon's warehouse monitoring system, the logistics work flawlessly.

    Package sizes, delivery quantities and print quality are extremely important to us when purchasing products. The best part, however, has been the smooth co-operation: reliability, friendly service and a professional approach make working with Fiblon easy.



    Development Manager, Servica » www.servica.fi

    Quality & Safety


    After use, the product can be disposed of with organic waste.


    Food Safe

    The product can be safely used in contact with food.


    Key Flag

    The product is made in Finland and it has been granted the Key Flag.



    The product's packaging is fully recyclable.



    Personalised products tell your unique story and underline your visual appearance. Personalised products are also great marketing tools. All Softlin products can be personalised – use your imagination. We are glad to assist you!

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