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Efficiency and quality for professional kitchens

A good professional kitchen is more than merely a place to prepare food for customers. It’s a place where you can express your creativity and love for food. At the same time, it’s also a place of responsibility and diligence. These are all best realized in an environment where first-class equipment ensure a smooth workflow.

Cleanliness and high quality are a source of pride in Finnish kitchens. Fibra cleaning wipes are mainly produced using Finnish raw materials. The wipes provide an efficient and convenient solution for kitchen professionals.

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A more sustainable world one cloth at a time!

Even though professional kitchens operate under strict hygiene standards, they do not need to resemble a production line or a laboratory. The work is about creating enjoyably moments and bringing joy to customers through good food. Why should this not be reflected in the kitchen?

Fibra spices up the kitchen with colour, which is reflected in the products as well as customer service. Just like a pinch of nutmeg or a squirt of lemon, colour adds the perfect finishing touch.

Our new packaging brings much-needed fun and joy to professional kitchens. You can use your fist to pop open the top lid. The unique Z-fold makes it easy to grab one wipe at a time without other wipes being pulled along too. Just grab a wipe and wipe away!

In a kitchen, hygiene should always be the top priority. All of our wipes are food-safe products, and our BIO-wipes are FSC-certified.

You can choose the perfect product according to your needs:

FIBRA BASIC is a basic cleaning wipe suitable for all kinds of wiping. Also available as a BIO-wipe.

FIBRA CLASSIC is a larger cleaning wipe suitable for all kinds of wiping. The wipe can also be attached to a floor mop. Also available as a BIO-wipe.

A handy dispenser box makes BIO FIBRA HANDY wipes particularly convenient for smaller kitchens. Only available as a BIO-wipe.

  • Lint-free
  • Bio-grades are 100% compostable
  • Improves hygiene and saves work space
  • Speeds up your work – you always get one sheet with no effort
  • Frees the other hand for work
  • Reduces the consumption of cloths thanks to its absorbency and packaging

Tips for use

See clever ways to use cloths.

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