Quality and safety

The quality of our products is guaranteed

The products of Fiblon are manufactured in Finland responsibly, safely and with respect for the environment.

Biohajoava -merkki

Our products can be recycled with organic waste.

Nordic Ecolabel

Our products meets the Nordic Ecolabel criteria.


Fiblon has been granted the FSC® certificate.

Food Safe

The product is safe in contact with food.

Made in Finland

All of our products are made in Finland.


The packaging materials are recyclable.

The materials we use are in compliance with all of the EU’s environmental regulations and product safety requirements. All of the materials we use are chlorine-free, do not contain any AZO dyes, aren’t optically brightened and do not contain fluorescent dyes. Our printing inks are water-based and do not contain heavy metals.

All of our products are safe to use and have been tested to ensure that they are suitable for their intended purpose. All of our napkins have the food safe symbol (a wineglass and a fork). This symbol means that the product has been tested and is safe to use in contact with food when the product is used as intended. Our napkins are even safe to use in short-term direct contact with food.

All of our products can be traced all the way back to the start of the production chain. It is important to us to know where the raw materials we use come from. We only accept raw material suppliers who know exactly which forest their wood comes from.

Environmental awareness is an essential factor behind Fiblon’s constant development and industry-leading position. It guides all of our actions – from choosing our suppliers to production, packing, transportation, end use and recycling.

Fiblon’s approach is unique because our goal is always to create an individual solution for each customer, taking their needs and challenges into account. Personalized products and solutions guarantee that each customer receives a solution that is perfect for them and supports their success. This way we can also ensure that our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.

We make sure the product is perfect for its intended use. This helps us avoid, e.g., customers using many more napkins than would be optimal; choosing a napkin that is too small may result in users taking several napkins. This results not only in a larger quantity of napkins being used, but also much more waste.

When choosing printing patterns, it is good to first focus on the intended use of the product. We make sure that the designs and colours go well with our customer’s visual identity. We also ensure that the products are suitable for professional use. Excessive prints may compromise the product’s features. We have decades of experience designing safe, high-quality printing patterns suitable for napkins intended for professional use. By focusing on the print pattern design process, costs can be cut at an early phase. It is best to use a professional who is familiar with the product’s challenges and potential when designing a printing pattern.

All of the napkins and tissues manufactured by Fiblon can be recycled with organic waste. All general wipes marked with the BIO symbol can also be disposed of with other organic waste.

Biodegradability means that the product will decompose into smaller compounds such as carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts. Compostability means that the type of decomposition process and the time required have been ascertained.

The tissue paper napkins manufactured by Fiblon are also compostable according to the relevant EU standards.

The packaging materials are recyclable. Plastic films can be recycled with other plastics or put in energy waste. Cardboard boxes go in the cardboard recycling bin.

The printing inks we use are water based. All leftover printing inks are stored for future use.

All of our tissue paper napkins are marked with the Nordic Ecolabel. We always apply for a Nordic Ecolabel when one of our products meets the criteria.

All of our products are made in Finland. All of them meet the criteria for the Made in Finland symbol.

Fiblon has been granted the FSC® certificate regarding the production of disposable table setting products and wiping products (FSC Chain of Custody standard).

The FSC Chain of Custody certification traces FSC-certified wood throughout the entire production chain – from the forest to the end user. This way, the FSC connects responsible wood production and consumption, while also giving consumers the opportunity to make socially and ecologically responsible purchasing decisions.

Only companies that have been granted the FSC Chain of Custody certificate can manufacture FSC-certified products and use the FSC symbol.

We pay special attention to package design. Good packaging protects the product and keeps it usable. Packaging needs to be informative and attractive as well as meet the requirements of sustainable development. It must be efficient and functional throughout the entire chain (manufacturing, storage, logistics, sales).

Successful packaging design requires smooth cooperation between the customer, the advertising agency, the repro team, the material suppliers and the manufacturer. The demands placed on the durability and portability of the packages are constantly increasing.

When designing packaging, we take into account the quantity of the product that will be used so there will be as little waste as possible. We size the packages so that the transportation and storage spaces will be used as cost-efficiently as possible. We do not overpackage our products.

All of our products are manufactured at our factory in Pori. Our production facility is highly modern and runs on the latest technology. This helps us guarantee safe and efficient manufacture while using the smallest possible amount of energy.

We continuously train our personnel to stay up-to-date regarding future challenges and develop our operations through agility and testing. Our product development is based on the customer’s needs and challenges. We have long and extensive experience working with various materials, packages and intended uses. Our focus is on listening to the customer and staying up to date regarding the challenges faced by each industry. The wealth of experience we have, combined with agility and the willingness to try new things, ensures that we can always offer our customers the best possible solution.

All of our products are manufactured in compliance with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) system’s social goals.

The goal of the Green Choices Ecolabel supply network is to bring together those who are making green choices and to provide them with motivation and help in making responsible procurement choices. Companies’ procurement decisions have direct and significant effects. Fiblon is a member of the supply network.

Fiblon is a Reliable Partner: www.tilaajavastuu.fi


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