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Softlin faces the daily challenges of the accommodation and restaurant business in a brand new way. Whether it’s about a café, a restaurant, a hotel or a fast food concept, Softlin ensures that everything is just right. Innovative and colourful Softlin products combined with efficient high-quality service guarantee your business will be successful. Softlin offers unique and surprising ideas for table setting and presentation.

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We are satisfied with the partnership between us and Fiblon because they understand our needs, listen to our wishes and pay detailed attention to our colour schemes. We have received excellent service from Fiblon in terms of napkin ideas and design services. Thanks to Fiblon's warehouse monitoring system, the logistics work flawlessly.

Package sizes, delivery quantities and print quality are extremely important to us when purchasing products. The best part, however, has been the smooth co-operation: reliability, friendly service and a professional approach make working with Fiblon easy.



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Why Softlin?

Softlin always approaches every situation from the customer’s point of view. Together, we can create a selection of products that will suit the needs of your business perfectly. Each business has its own individual characteristics and challenges. Therefore each one needs its own selection of products. We will offer you an expert at your service and help you find the best solutions to support your company’s operation. When you want everything to be just right, Softlin is your solution. When you have access to the products and services that support your core business, part of your success is secure. At the same time, you are ensuring that the products will be used responsibly. Each detail has been designed with a purpose in mind. This way we can ensure that the raw materials and the earth’s resources are used in a responsible way.

Long and extensive experience in the table setting industry allows us to offer concepts that are both unique and surprising. Our experts are by your side and at your service. Let us help you succeed.

Small, memorable details often receive the most attention. Invest in them!


Personalised products tell your unique story and underline your visual appearance. Personalised products are also great marketing tools. All Softlin products can be personalised – use your imagination. We are glad to assist you!

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