Business we can be proud of

At Fiblon we want to do business that we can be proud of. That’s why being responsible is a matter of honour for us.We always do our best to use as little of the earth’s limited resources as possible. In order to have maximum control over our operations, we produce everything we sell ourselves, in Pori.

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our operational procedures and products to be as responsible as possible. We pay attention to both big issues and small details. We have been measuring our achievements in environmental responsibility since 2010 and report on our progress every other year.

More and more of our customers have started valuing corporate responsibility and they expect the same from their partners. We are proud to say that we have come a long way in terms of corporate responsibility – after all, it has been one of our core values for 25 years!

It is important to us to know where the raw materials we use come from. We only accept raw material suppliers who know exactly which forest their wood comes from.

We do not want to transport raw materials from the other side of the globe, either. That’s why we favour Nordic wood. More than half of our raw materials are Finnish and we only import materials if we cannot purchase them here.

Whenever possible, we use certified wood (FSC®).

We prefer working with local companies since we want to support local businesses and provide jobs. The majority of our suppliers (tissue paper, corrugated board, printing ink, packaging plastic) are located less than 300 km from Pori.

Environmental awareness has been a high priority at our facilities in Pori ever since we started recycling 25 years ago. By now we are practically recycling specialists, because 99.9% of all our waste is recycled as, e.g., core board.

Over time, we have managed to save a lot of energy in our production processes. Today, all of our machinery and equipment will go into power-saving mode when it is not being used, and the waste heat from our production processes is used to heat the factory and the offices. By utilizing waste heat we can save up to 90% of the energy we would otherwise need to heat our facilities.

In 2011 we started using 100% wind power electricity. This allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint by a third.

Small things matter, too. For example, lighting. Since 2010, all the lights in our factories, offices and warehouses have been equipped with motion sensors, so they are never on unless they are needed.

For 20 years, we have only used water-based printing inks. We mix the colours ourselves, store any leftovers and use them to the last drop.

The joy of working is one of our four main values, which we strive to achieve in everything we do. It is important to us that our personnel enjoy their work and have a chance to influence its contents and develop it. Once a week we stop production in order to brainstorm together and come up with ideas on how to further improve our products and methods of operation.

We also want our employees to have the opportunity to keep learning. Even during the economic recession, we have invested in training for our employees. In 2014, all of our employees spent, on average, six workdays (45 hours) in training.

We also participated in the Great Place to Work competition and our goal is to be the best workplace in Satakunta by 2020.

Fiblon way of working is always based on our customers needs and wishes. We tailor individual solutions to the needs of each customer, e.g., in terms of package sizes and prints. We do this to ensure that the products are just right, so that not a single napkin will be wasted.

All our products are made using responsibly sourced raw materials and printed using environmentally friendly inks. We also don’t use any glue in our napkins so we can be sure that the products are safe to use.

Since we can personalize our products with the customer’s own visual identity and message, products such as napkins, for example, can be a great place for information about our customers’ own responsible practices!

Especially when it comes to export, we try to ensure that our delivery units are large enough for our deliveries to be taken in one truck all the way to the destination, without unnecessary unloading and re-packing along the way.

We have also optimized our package sizes so that they do not leave, e.g., empty 20 cm gaps in the transport space. We have also been able to reduce the amount of packaging we use.

Together with our customers, we continuously assess which products would best suit their needs. We are able to offer personalized solutions in terms of, e.g., prints, designs, package sizes or packaging methods. This is important in order for the end user to feel that the products are just what they need, which results in as few wasted products as possible.

Through these actions we have, over the years, been able to considerably reduce the amounts of raw materials we use. Through continuous improvements, we have reduced the amount of materials we use by over 100,000 kilograms a year.

Corporate responsibility reports

We have reported concerning Corparate Responsibility issues since 2009. Report wil be published every other year and report period is two years.

We have already done all of these things in our responsibility projects. If you can alert us to more ways that we can address corporate responsibility, we are happy to step up to the challenge!


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