Responsible from the beginning

At the Eco-label customer day in February 2016, a Scandic Hotels representative was sitting next to me. This was a funny coincidence, because Scandic was one of the partners who inspired us to start our corporate responsibility work in the mid-1990s.

At the time, we received a lot of questions regarding how much water and energy we were using in our processes and regarding the chemicals and components in the raw materials. While answering these requests, we discovered that we were already choosing highly environmentally friendly options. Without realizing it, we had become a pioneer in these aspects. Our slogan at the time was “Green is more than a color.”
It has been 20 years since we began addressing our corporate responsibility. Since we manufacture products for short-term use, focusing on environmental issues seemed like a natural place to start. We feel that we have an increased responsibility for the way the earth’s resources are used. For a long time, though, we have also wanted to include the social viewpoint. This means we invest in our personnel and support other local businesses and production through our partnering choices.

Corporate responsibility is best demonstrated through actions. The company’s values form the basis for all operation. The way the business is managed affects what types of actions are taken as a result.
Corporate responsibility does not exist in a vacuum. Responsibility is an integral part of our business, which is reflected in everything we do. Otherwise, corporate responsibility can easily turn into pretentious jargon. On the operative level this may result in choices that do not fall in line with the company’s responsibility goals. Corporate responsibility can only be improved by doing extensive implementation work and creating a responsible company culture. Everything must be based on trust and courage. The management must give the operative personnel power and responsibility while also ensuring that everyone has the necessary skills and know-how. This will lead to maintained trust and increased courage to try new things. None of us are perfect, but by improving ourselves and our company, we can take the right steps toward our goals.
The core of Fiblon’s business operations is to find the customer a solution that is not only the best in terms of functionality, but one that also helps the customer stand out. Our aim is to provide the customer with solutions that support their unique company on the road to success.

How do we do that? We make sure that we only use responsibly produced and safe raw materials that are also environmentally friendly, also in terms of the logistics. We create a personalized solution for the customer that promotes and supports their business. When the right product is used, consumption can be optimized. A product that is too small often leads to increased total consumption, and thus to unnecessary costs and waste. When the product also sets the customer apart from their competition and highlights their brand, the customer gets excellent free marketing and visibility. It’s win-win! And an environmentally sound choice, too!

For us, corporate responsibility manifests as actions and choices across the entire production chain. Our production facility in Pori is the part of the chain that we have the most control over. There, we have done everything we can to improve how we address our corporate responsibility. Our modern, energy-saving production methods ensure that all our manufacturing is as environmentally friendly as possible. We keep waste to a minimum and collect, sort and recycle all excess raw materials. Our packaging is designed to be easy to use and store. We pay close attention to how our customer groups use our products: what do they need, how much, how are the products stored? We design the prints on our products so that the product does not lose any of its functionality. For instance, the napkins will still be soft, absorbent and easy to fold. We keep all excess printing ink for future use.

Responsibility is a matter of values. For us, responsibility has been there from the start. We are a family business. The second generation has been handed the reins of the business so it can be developed further. We have a responsibility to leave it in even better shape than it was when we came in. Being open and honest about our business and choices is important to us. We have chosen environmentally friendly raw materials and production methods to have a clear conscience. Our personnel are taken care of like family members. Our choices may not always be the most profitable in the short term, but we know in our hearts that in the long term they are the correct ones in terms of social, financial and environmental responsibility.

We have worked hard on addressing our corporate responsibility. We only use wind power, we always recommend raw materials made from renewable resources, we always use all raw materials to the last drop and we sort our waste with care. We have made major investments in modern production machinery to save as much energy as possible. All of our lighting is controlled by motion detectors. We continuously train our personnel. We encourage everyone to develop their expertise, make bold decisions and implement new skills. If you have good ideas about things we could improve in the future, let us know! Let’s make Fiblon an even more responsible partner.


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